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26. Grad student and academic. Proud Seven Sisters alum. Reproductive health and infectious disease nerd. Native Texan with New England roots. Currently living in the Midwest. Occasional expat. Married to my high school & forever sweetheart. Mama. Things that make me happy: my puppies, preppy fashion, fangirling, horses, bikes, feminism, and zombies.

Blackout Casting - Canon Edition, Part 1

  • Shaun Mason - Josh Hutcherson
  • Mahir Gowda - Satya Bhabha
  • Maggie Garcia - Selena Gomez
  • Alaric Kwong - Osric Chau
  • Becks Atherton - Emma Stone
  • Shannon Abbey - Alex Kingston

Newsflesh Canon Castings:

Newsflesh Racebent Castings: